How Invisi-Tag® Works

Challenging Your Current Process = Saving Money!

At Invisi-Tag we believe in challenging the current methods of asset and inventory tracking. We are problem solvers, and would like to make you a problem solver as well! Ask yourself these questions:

  • - How many processes do you currently have in your operations?
  • - Of these processes, how many of them work?
  • - How many of these contain inefficiencies that cost your company money?

Invisi-Tag has created the perfect on-the-spot inventory system for the landscape industry. It allows for the user to always know if their truck/trailer has been loaded with the specific equipment that is needed- all from your mobile device! You can make sure that every single piece of equipment is accounted for before you leave, and that none of it is being left behind at a job site after you're done. This will increase your productivity, which in turn will increase your profits!





“Invisi-Tag has provided an all inclusive asset tracking solution to ensure all equipment is tracked and collected throughout every stage of a project. I would highly recommend the Invisi-Tag system to anyone looking to save time and money in their operation.”

Erik Olson
Servpro of Greater Boulder



“Since we implemented Invisi-Tag, everyone's attitude has changed. Employees are being more honest and thinking twice before ever having the thought of misplacing something.”

Carlos Avelo
Operations Manager
Green Seasons


Carpet Cleaning

“Invisi-Tag has made all of our technicians a lot more conscientious about not losing tools. It truly is a real time and money saver!”

Tom McLaughlin
Equipment Manager



“InvisiTag helps us keep concise electronic records of all rental equipment throughout the entire operation and process. It provides us the proof for accountability that we need for inventory control and accurate billing.”

Kevin J Forthoffer
General Manager
Extreme Supplies




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