What Is Invisi-Tag?

About Our Company

Invisi-Tag was established in 2010 and located in Michigan. Invisi-Tag focuses on solving the issue for any industry that requires keeping track of any asset. Invisi-Tag has created a unique solution that uses the advantages of RFID Technology combined with the mobility of smart phone/tablet capabilities to give the user all their necessary information right at their fingertips. Invisi-Tag has created an automated process that eliminates human error, inconsistent paper work and reports 100% accurate information every single time. Invisi-Tag is driven to help increase productivity in your business which will help make your business grow. We guarantee to bring value, growth and innovation to your business.

Who are we?

We bring value, innovation and growth to your business. Invisi-Tag has a team of diverse individuals from all majoring backgrounds from Certified Public Accountants, Electrical Engineers, Software Developers, and etc. Invisi-Tag's team has individuals who bring over 25 years of asset management services to help with all your asset needs.

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